Cohenhead Joke Lovewaves Laugh
Click the picture of Brother Cohenhead SprinklejonezDuke to hear him tell a joke
Click the picture of Brother Lovewaves SprinklejonezDuke to hear what he thinks of either the joke or Brother Cohenhead...???
4 in the morning Duuuuuuuke!!!
Click the keg if you think we don't party ALL night.
Click the guitar to hear the Sprinkle Family roar in a song.
SoFoBo Posters Bob Weir
Bet you haven't seen these in a long time...
Have you ever seen this?
knock knock Regale
Click the cake if you want to hear a knock-knock joke.
Click his initials above if you want to see Billy the Regaler

Do you know...

...the names of the man and woman who met at Pine Mountain and are now married with two children?

...the names of the two Sprinkle Family members who are now the only people who have been to every Pine Mountain Jam?

Finesse Note ...what finesse note Brother Motab is playing in the picture to the right?

...the full Sprinkle Family name for Brother Motab?

...where Brother Michael GraysonsprinklejonezDuke is?

...the story behind the name for the Sprinkle Family?

...where the sound clip on the Home Page comes from?

...any of the other band names that were used by the Sprinkle Family Band when they first started playing?

...the name of the band that came from Australia to perform at Pine Mountain?

...the difference between a musician and a large pizza?

...which TV show the Sprinkle Family Band used to watch before band practice?

...what instrument Brother Moondoggie SprinklejonezDuke used to play when he jammed with Brother Zippy SprinklejonezDuke years before the formation of the Sprinkle Family Band?

Email your answers to and you may receive some free CDs from some of the bands that have performed at Pine Mountain! Reeebagel!


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