Needed: Janitor
For Sale: Guitar Pick
Lost: Shoes
Antonio's Mexican restaurant in Ojai, CA is looking for an assistant janitor. Qualified applicants MUST be available to work on the first two Sundays in September. Apply in person with HAZMAT Cert at restaurant's delivery entrance. This guitar pick was used to pluck the very first note at the first Pine Mountain Jam in 1986. $18,000 obo. Inquiries and bids to PO Box 25, Ojai CA 93619. Size 12, white with blue stripes. Please call 914-555-8842 with any info. Possible reward offered.
Waiting: For You
Wanted: Microphone
Job Offered: Security
To the lovely girl with the long hair in the sandals and tie-die shirt at the Sprinkle Party at Heather's house a few summers ago, I am still hoping you contact me. You said you liked my necklace, do you remember? Email me at I am finally looking to purchase my first microphone. I don't sing but I sure like to talk a lot and tell bad jokes in front of big crowds. Hopefully you can throw in a stand, a cable, a preamp and a speaker.310-555-2637.
Responses to "Wanted: Microphone"
Late night eatery needs a big mean security guard to help keep out unruly hippies and musicians dressed in children's clothes. Apply in person at Denny's on De Soto and Ventura Blvds.
Found: Lawn Chairs
Missing: Shoes
Looking: Ride
One blue left at Pine Mt 23, one yellow forgotten at Pine Mt 21, one brown abandoned at Pine Mt 18, one green cast away at Pine Mt 15, one orange forsaken at Pine Mt 12, one red deserted at Pine Mt 7, one white ditched at Pine Mt 2. All will be brought to Pine Mt this year, and left behind if nobody claims them. Size 12, white with blue stripes. Last seen in Woodland Hills in 1985 but still miss very much and think about every day. Leave a message at 914-555-8842. Can anyone give me a ride to the softball games at Shoup Park? I finally got a mitt. Am I too late? Waiting at the corner of Roscoe and Devonshire.

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